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The Well

Building Hours

Monday 6AM - Midnight
Tuesday 6AM - Midnight
Wednesday 6AM - Midnight
Thursday 6AM - Midnight
Friday 6AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 8PM
Sunday 10AM - 10PM

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Our Commitment to Accessibility

The Well is committed to providing access to all students of Sacramento State. We have taken great care in making sure our building, services and website can be accessed by all our students. If we are not meeting the expectations of the community for accessibility please read the following documents for alternative access.

Reasonable Accommodation Appointment

A Reasonable Accommodation Appointment includes an individual one hour appointment with a WELL staff member and is designed for individuals with visual impairments, mobility restrictions and anyone who is requiring reasonable accommodations. Please sign up for this appointment ahead of time so we can ensure correct staffing. There are two areas (fitness or climbing wall) in which you may request a reasonable accommodation appointment. You may set up these appointments at the fitness desk. 

Phone: (916) 278-2241

Facility & Equipment Accessibility

Fitness Equipment

  • Locking plunger adjustment on swing away seat allows easy access for individuals with various mobility's
  • Adjustable lever arm enables a non-stressed start position for users with various mobility's
  • Large stability handles
  • Large type instructions
  • Laser cut numbers
  • Upright seat back support
  • Upper body ergometer

Group Fitness

Specific equipment is dedicated to individuals with various abilities including an upper body cycle ergometer that can be used during the Cycle class as part of our Group Fitness program. All of the Group Fitness Instructors are trained in providing appropriate modifications to exercises that will meet the needs of individuals with various abilities.

Cabana Locker Room

Located on the first floor next to the Men's locker room the Cabana Locker Room is co-ed and designed for individuals that may want additional privacy and/or have an aid with them of the opposite sex. Please check in at the Equipment Desk to receive a code to access the Cabana Locker Room.

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