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Monday 6AM - Midnight
Tuesday 6AM - Midnight
Wednesday 6AM - Midnight
Thursday 6AM - Midnight
Friday 6AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 8PM
Sunday 10AM - 10PM

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Informal Recreation & Fitness Opportunities: 

Wheelchair Basketball- Every Friday from 1pm-4:30pm Court 2 will be dedicated to wheelchair basketball. Sport wheelchairs are anticipated to be available for check-out March 2015!  Note: At any time users are welcome to play wheel chair basketball during any informal basketball court times.  

Adaptive Climbing- Adaptive Climbing uses specifically modified adaptive equipment, including a comfortable custom harness and handlebar ascenders, to climb.\

Fitness Classes- Note: that any of our Fitness classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s needs. Please contact INCLUSIVEREC@THEWELLATSACSTATE.COM for any accommodation needs.

Sit Volleyball- This version of volleyball requires players to maintain contact between their pelvis and the floor at all times.

First Base Recreation- This is a NEW program that we are now offering this semster. This program was created to be an option for those participants that would like to participate in recreation activities and offerings, but feel that they may need to acquire some fundamentals before participating. Please contact INCLUSIVEREC@THEWELLATSACSTATE.COM for more information or to set up an appointment. 

Spring 2016 Special Events 


WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Drop-in play Every Friday 1pm-4pm

MILE HIGH CLIMB (all month long sign up at the front desk, $5 entry fee) Adaptive options include limited sight or use of upper body only climb.  All abilities welcome!  


YOGA FOR ALL- Group Fitness Classes during “5 Days of Fitness” –  Times and days TBD Group Fitness Classes at The WELL welcome all abilities!  

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Drop-in play Every Friday 1pm-4pm


SIT VOLLEYBALL- Special Event- April 5th  5pm-7pm 

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Drop-in play Every Friday 1pm-4pm

WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Special Event with Intramural Sports- April 29th & 30th *Fee associated with event


WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL Drop-in play Every Friday 1pm-4pm





Upcoming Events