Sacramento State

The Well

Building Hours

Monday 6AM - Midnight
Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
Wednesday 6AM - Midnight
Thursday 6AM - Midnight
Friday 6AM - 8PM
Saturday 10AM - 6PM
Sunday 10AM - 6PM

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Membership Pricing

*Student Membership for The Well is included in all Sacramento State student fees.

Student Spring Semester Membership Ends on June 1st, 2014.  For students enrolled in summer courses, membership is at no additional charge. The summer student Membership is valid from May 27th – August 27th. Sac State Students who are not enrolled in summer courses are eligible for membership at a rate of $30 per month or $5 per day.   Campus parking options are available through University Transportation and Parking (UTAPS).

Prices as of  July 1st, 2014

The Well  Membership Pricing Overview
Monthly EFT Affiliate or Alumni Association Pre-Paid Alumni Sponsored Member of Affiliate
Full Access $32/mo. $16/mo. $36/mo
AM Express** $18/mo. N/A N/A
PM Express*** $18/mo. N/A N/A
Short Term Options Affiliate or Alumni Association Pre-Paid Alumni Sponsored Member^
12 Months $32/mo. $16/mo. $35/mo.
11 Months $33/mo. $16/mo. $36/mo.
10 Months $34/mo. $16/mo. $37/mo.
9 Months $35/mo. $16/mo. $38/mo.
8 Months $36/mo. $16/mo. $39/mo.
7 Months $37/mo. $16/mo. $40/mo.
6 Months $38/mo. $16/mo. $41/mo.
5 Months $39/mo. $16/mo. $42/mo.
4 Months $40/mo. $16/mo. $43/mo.
3 Months $41/mo. $16/mo. $44/mo.
2 Months $42/mo. $16/mo. $45/mo.


*The Well has been funded by a fee voted on by the students. All students are eligible for membership to The Well as part of the fee they pay each semester.

Members of  Assciated Campus Programs such as ELI, CCE, or the Renaissance Society are eligible for short term membership at a rate of $31/month and are not eligible for Electronic Funds Transfer or Express Membership.

EFT= Electronic Funds Transfer from checking account only.(Must present voided check)

^Membership is available for adults over the age of 18 who reside with a current WELL member.  Proof of residency with valid ID or utility bill is required at time of purchase.

** AM Express membership includes facility access from 6am-8am M-F only and includes All Access Group Fitness

***PM Express membership inlcudes facility access from 11am-1pm M-F only and includes All Access Group Fitness

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