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Monday 6AM - Midnight
Tuesday 6AM - Midnight
Wednesday 6AM - Midnight
Thursday 6AM - Midnight
Friday 6AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 8PM
Sunday 10AM - 10PM

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What is a Sport Club?

A Sport Club is a student organization formed by students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a sport or recreation activity, recognized by the University through the Student Organization and Leadership office.

A Sport Club exists to promote and develop interest in that sport or activity at the University. A Sport Club may be oriented toward competition, teaching, recreation, or socialization, singularly or in any combination. The intent of some clubs may be to sponsor teams, which may compete against other universities or within area sport associations while the intent of others may be to simply share the joy of participating in a recreational activity with other like minded individuals.

For more information about Sport Clubs please visit the Student Organizations & Leadership offices located in the 3rd Floor of The University Union or visit their website at


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